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The Law Office of Eric C. Vinsant focuses on providing superior legal and business services that accomplish the client’s goals competently, professionally, and efficiently. Eric is licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee, and is committed to providing high quality, personalized legal representation to businesses and individuals in the medico-legal area, with a strong focus on pain management issues. 


In addition to traditional legal services, Eric also provides educational and consulting services to medical practitioners, pharmacists, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry related to state and federal controlled substance and pain act laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Eric also provides education and training to other attorneys and legal counsel in key pain management and controlled substance prescribing issues.

Eric has a passion for his cases and truly cares individually about his clients. As your attorney, Eric promises to always hold your best interest as the client at the cornerstone of his representation and is dedicated to zealously fighting for the best possible outcome in every case and for every client.

Eric C. Vinsant looks forward to working with you as a client and appreciates the opportunity to provide you with individually tailored services that will satisfy your legal and/or business needs. Please do not hesitate to give Eric a call if you have any legal or business needs or questions. There is no charge for your initial consultation.